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Welcome to my web site! Most of the information on this site is about my Honda off-road motorcycle restoration projects.

I began dirtbike riding as a teenager. Like many young adults, when I moved away to college I quit motorcycling as well. In 2001 I got back into full-size dirtbiking. Shortly after that I ended up getting back to my "roots" of motorcycling by getting back into my CT70 Honda MiniTrail. I started putting around the neighborhood on it on nice afternoons and I got the "bug" of these little bikes again. The first motorcycle I ever had was a CT70, and I've had a soft spot for them ever since. I still enjoy riding them today, and have even gotten some of my full-size dirtbiking buddies into riding the little Hondas.

This site shows the various small Hondas I've restored in recent years as my hobby. I intend this site not to be a "how-to" for restoration, but rather to show the bikes I have done. Click on the Photo Album section to see the bikes.

EMAIL: You can contact me at andywaddellATcomcastDOTnet (make the obvious changes to the address; trying to keep spam down)

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