1962 Cub C102
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The owner of this electric-start 50cc Cub had met the person who bought the 1979 Orange CT90 from me last summer. They talked for awhile, looked at a few bikes the CT90 guy had, and ended up getting around to discussing where the 90 had come from. Long story short is the Cub owner contacted me later last summer to do a restoration on his Cub for him. I had another customer's bikes ahead of him, so we agreed to talk around Thanksgiving or so to discuss doing the Cub. Around Christmas 2008 or so we finally decided on what to do with the Cub and when, so Hal brought me the Cub in early January of 2009. (I do most of my resto work during the winter...summer's riding season!). 

About a month later, he got back what you see here! The bike was in pretty decent overall condition when he brought it to me, and he said that it had run pretty well the couple times he'd run it since he bought it. Hal had also already purchased about 1/2 the parts we ended up putting into her, so that was kind of nice that I didn't have to search out some of it. I did just typical engine TLC items, like adjusting the valves, putting on new points/condensor and adjusting the gap and timing, that sort of thing. Also did a cosmetic spiff-up of the exterior of the motor, but mechanically it didn't need a thing. These early Cubs have the pushrod style 50cc engine. Started and ran like a top when I first pushed the button after getting everything back together again. (The C102 designation is for the electric start models; regular kickstart Cubs are C100's).

Hal had bought it for his wife to ride, and he also has sort of a soft spot in his heart for the small Hondas like I do. Hal has a C70. They ride 'em around the neighborhood, down to the Dairy Queen in the summer, that kind of thing. Anyway, Hal wanted to have 'er restored for his wife. She and Hal picked a color, and I was off to the races! I did a complete disassemble and full restoration on the entire bike, except for the engine mechanical...that was fine. New paint, wheels, spokes, tires, etc. etc. etc. Whole project took about 50 hours of labor. Just a touch over a month later, Hal took 'er home to his wife, who loves it. Now they're just waiting for our Michigan winter to be over with so they can go riding!