1966 S65 Street Bike
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I bought this bike as part of a 3-bike deal off eBay. Well, it became a 4-bike deal with the addition of this S65, but I'm getting ahead of myself already..............

In January of 2006 I found a 3-bike package deal on eBay semi-locally for some CT70s. One was a 1971 manual trans burgundy bike, one was a gold-colored 1972 CT70HK1 that (incorrectly) had a 3-speed manual trans motor in it, and the other was an old K0 parts bike; the engine was disassembled in an old canned ham pan.

So, I arranged with the seller to go out and see the bikes "live" before I put in an eBay bid since he was only about 45 minutes away. I liked the bikes and we made a deal, but then one of his buddies who was there said "hey, you oughta show him that 65 out in the barn". Well, we went to look at it, and basically the 3-bike-deal became a 4-bike-deal! I don't recall how much extra I paid for adding the S65 to the deal, but it wasn't a lot. It looked pretty tired and nasty, sitting off in a corner of the barn. The story was that the guy who was there and mentioned the bike had seen it at a metal recycler place on the scrap pile and bought it for something crazy cheap like twenty bucks. Well, he brought it home and never really did anything with it, and eventually gave it to his buddy, the guy I was buying the bikes from. That guy put it in his barn and never did anything with it.

It was missing the LH side cover, some headlamp components, and a couple other things, but it was mostly there. I thought it'd be a kinda cool "variation" on the CT70s and 90s I'd been doing, but still in the same "vein" as it used a very very similar engine to the 70 and 90. Anyway, I bought it and brought 'er home with the 3 CT70s.

Long story short: it was on the scrap heap because the motor had broken the LH crank bearing. I'm guessing she ran low on oil based on some other stuff I found once I got into it. I went through the entire bike stem-to-stern, refurbishing or replacing everything along the way. When I was done it was a brand-new 2006/1966 S65!

I ended up plating it and riding it around my town a little bit, but then decided to sell it. There isn't a lot of power out of a 65cc engine, especially for a bigger guy like me, and also I just didn't have any use for it. If I wanted to go out for a little street ride on a nice Sunday morning or something my CT90s were street legal, so I had that covered. Basically I just decided that it'd be better going to someone else who'd use it more.

I ended up selling it to a Metro Detroit area collector in September of 2006. He has the bike on display in a 60's-themed room at his home, and takes it out occasionally for a putt-putt around the neighborhood. Perfect.

This bike is one of the favorites I've done. A little weird in some ways (the oil lines to the carb still aren't completely understood...I'm guessing they were a sort of carb pre-heat to prevent icing by flowing some warm oil around the venturi area. If anyone knows for sure what they're for, email me!), but very cool looking. Neat retro styling, and one that was a real head-turner. I'm proud of this one, as I needed to do a lot to her and she turned out to be a real stunner...nice bike!