1967 CT90K0 - Red
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This bike is one I restored for a family friend. My wife's cousin owned this bike, and it had been sitting around their barn for a number of years unridden. They came over one day for a family function and saw my 1968 yellow K0 and mentioned they had one just like it in red. It had belonged to her father and she had ridden it as a kid. I offered to restore it for them as a favor, and they agreed.

The bike was generally all there and in pretty decent condition. Everything needed work, but there was nothing that was way out of line that required anything "heroic" to bring it back. I restored it for them over a period of a few months, stripping it completely down to bare metal and bringing it back up, replacing and refurbishing as needed as I went. All my bikes will be 100% functionally correct before they leave my shop (and most of them will leave cosmetically near-perfect as well, unless they're "survivors" or otherwise not completely redone). I want these bikes to live another 25 years in perfect running order.

They took it back and rode it on their property some. About 6 months after restoring it I realized that I'd really like another CT90 to have as a "guest bike" for buddies to come along with me on rides with my yellow CT90K0. I figured the owners wouldn't want to sell it, but that it couldn't hurt to ask. I mean, why go out and buy another one to fix up when I already knew of one that was all set to go? So I asked them, and they said yes! Cool! I bought it back from them and now have another CT90 to go on rides with me. 

After the initial restoration I decided last winter to redo the hubs and to respoke the bike as the old spokes were pretty grungy looking. So I tore down both wheels and redid the hubs and bought new spokes. She looks nice, and runs as good as she looks! I have the correct '67 seat for her, but ride it with the larger, more comfortable newer-style seat on it that's shown here.



Here's a photo of the original owner of the bike after I'd restored it and returned it to the family. Look at that smile! Think he's having fun on his old bike again?