1968 CT90K0
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This is the bike that sort of got it all started with me, in terms of restoring the small Honda lay-down single bikes. I bought this bike in 2003 from an eBay seller in Pennsylvania. I had started thinking about getting a 90 after I had ridden my '82 CT70 around and remembered a stepbrother's CT90 he'd had growing up. I started looking around on eBay, and found this one. It wasn't too much money, and it ran and all seemed to be there, so I bought it and brought her home.

When I bought it I knew I was going to tear it down completely and do a complete rebuild on it, so I pretty much immediately started tearing her down. It took about a month to finish the restoration (though I've continued making minor improvements here and there since I finished the resto). I currently (as of winter 2007) have about 1,350 miles on her since the restoration, with well over half that being hard trail miles. My bikes don't get babied! I use them for what they were made for, and certainly hope the customers that buy bikes from me do the same.

This bike was the very first I did, and I've gotten better at it each time. Someday in the next 5 years or so I'll probably tear her down and do the resto again, since I'm so much better at it now and have learned a lot of newer, better techniques. Will be a lot easier, too, since nothing will need any mechanical attention. It all runs and works perfectly right now, so will be purely a cosmetic redo.

The first four pictures below show her in July of '07 after I'd done some stuff to her above and beyond the initial restoration. As an example, I got the rear buddy seat (correct for a K0) done, I respoked the wheels and repainted the hubs, put on better tires, etc. I also have the correct K0 seat for it, but I prefer the larger later-model repro one shown on it here for actually riding it. And actually she looks even nicer now than the first four pictures, as I just finished pulling both engine side covers and repainting them and buffing the stator and points covers, etc.