1968 Red CT90K0
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This bike is one I bought in the late fall of 2007 as a winter project. Got it running well pretty quickly, and debated what to do with it cosmetically. I could of course give her the full resto treatment as I've done with others, but it's not bad at all just as it is. There's no significant rust or anything else that really forces my hand to do a full strip and repaint. 

I ended up deciding to keep the original paint, doing a minor cosmetic "do-over" with cleaner waxes, chrome polishes, etc. Also did the full "stem-to-stern" inspections and adjustments on everything I always do and made her a solid, dependable rider.  For someone who wants an early CT90 in nice mechanical condition who'd rather save money and have a "survivor" than a "restoration", she'll be great. Sold in April 2008.