1969 CT70K0 Warren
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This is a 1969 CT70K0 I bought in the late fall of 2007 as a winter project. It was in reasonably good shape so I decided to put her back as a "survivor" (meaning an original bike with original paint and most components still original). You can restore a bike many times, but it's only original once. I thought there probably would be someone out there who would appreciate a mechanically sound and correct CT70 "just like the one they used to have".

I've completely gone through the bike front to back, and refurbished, cleaned, adjusted, and replaced items as necessary. I've left everything alone as much as possible in terms of cosmetic changes and original parts. I have used cleaner wax on the paint, polished the chrome, etc. I've basically done everything you can to make it as best it can be cosmetically in the condition I received it. 

If you look carefully at the "Before" photos (these photos came from the original seller's listing, so they don't "match" like my photos usually do) you'll see there's a lot missing, like the skidplate and the spark plug guard that goes on it, the airbox, the chainguard, the taillamp bulb, lense, and gasket, and others. The wiring harness was in bad shape in a couple areas with some missing connectors, wires just cheaply taped together, that kind of thing. And of course pictures hide a lot sometimes, too. She wasn't as nice as she looks in the pictures when I first got her. A "diamond in the rough", I guess. There was a lot to be done, but a lot of potential underneath. That's why I bought her.

I've also done all the service on all the other components of the bike as well. Brakes, forks, engine adjustments like valves, points, and timing, rebuilt the carb, added a correct air cleaner with new filter foam, new battery, wiring harness inspections and repairs, repair all the lights, lubed cables etc. etc. I've recovered the seat as the old cover was ripped and in relatively rough shape (as most of them are after almost 40 years!). The bike is mechanically sound and works great! She'll be a nice bike for whomever buys it from me. Sold May 2008.