1970 CT90K3
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One of my riding buddies who also likes restoring vintage bikes bought this one off eBay from Florida. When he got it, it was not in as good a condition as he'd hoped for, and he didn't really want to deal with it. So, I bought it from him for what he paid for it. This one would turn out to be a real "labor pit" (if you know the term "money pit"). It was one of the earlier bikes I've done, also. I think this one was #3.

This bike didn't have anything particularly badly wrong in any one area, but EVERY area needed some significant attention. For example, the wiring harness was from a different version of CT90, so it didn't match correctly with the colors from the lighting switches and inside the headlamp bucket. So I had to figure out which bike it had come from and do a "conversion" to determine which wire was for what. Not that big a deal, because every wire was there and eventually was connected to it's mate, but it was just a pain in the butt sorting it all out and testing the wiring.

Well, the bike was that way in every area, wiring, engine, carburetion, body, suspension, drivetrain, etc. EVERYTHING needed to be played with to some degree or another. Once everything was sorted out it was a really nice-running and good riding bike, it just took a lot to get it there. That's what I mean by a "labor pit" like a "money pit"...I put a lot of hours into this one for relatively little return.

My buddy who originally bought the bike sold it to his neighbor at his vacation cabin in northern Michigan. The ol' guy who bought it really likes it and enjoys running around on 'er. Good deal! Glad he's enjoying it.