1972 CT70HK1
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This was one of the bikes I got in the "4-bike deal" referenced in the S65 discussion. This bike was one of three CT70's I got semi-locally. The original engine in this one was missing and had been replaced with a standard 3-speed automatic-clutch CT70 engine.

The HK Honda CT70s were only produced for two years, 1970-71 ("HK0"), and 1971-72 ("HK1"). The HK designation indicates that they were manual clutch bikes (like nearly all fullsize motorcycles). They also had 4-speed transmissions. The HK's are often very desirable to CT70 aficionados because they were only produced for those two years. Personally I prefer the autoclutch versions, but do like the 4-speed transmissions. (See my 1979 CT70 for more on that!).

Anyway, this bike was one of the three I bought from eBay. It was not running, and was in pretty rough condition, to be honest. Many of the parts were there, but she was most definitely a "strip her down to nothing and start all over from scratch" proposition. Was no real way to salvage her as she sat.

First thing I did was seek out a correct motor. The HK's have a couple minor differences about their frames such that you really should put one back to being an HK like it should be if you ever have one. I had recently acquired a 1970 SL70 (see my "Rat Bike" listing for that one) that had a 4 speed motor in it. The SL70 and CT70HK motors are visually identical and almost part-for-part identical as well. There are a few minor differences but nothing to speak of. With using a CT70 carburetor and airbox and such nobody'd know the difference. The only visual difference is the motor ID number starts "SL" instead of "CT". So, I decided to rebuild the engine in the SL70 and put it in this one to get her back to a 4-speed manual trans like it was "born" with!

I also decided to try a metallic blue paint on this one. A darker metallic blue is a correct color for an early CT70 and I hadn't yet done one, so I thought I'd try it. I think she turned out nice...the silver and black accent colors really "pop" nicely against the blue background and the chrome. The 4-speed tranny is really nice with well-split gear ratios, and the manual clutch shifts like a dream. Very nice bike! Sold it to a local buyer who really enjoys it.



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