1977 CT70K6
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This bike I bought from eBay and was one of the first ones where I really started to "hit my stride" in the restorations. This one turned out really nice and was the one that gave me the motivation that I was pretty good at this and should continue.

As noted I bought it from eBay. It was not running at the time, and the eBay ad was a bit misleading. Nonetheless, I saw that it was a good bike overall and negotiated the price to account for it not running. The seller agreed and I brought 'er home.

It was missing the airbox (what IS it about old CT70 owners that they seem to always pull the airbox off?) and a couple other items, but overall was pretty good. The chrome was salvageable, and the original seat was just perfect. The wiring harness was a bit of a mess; I'd guess it was chewed by mice. I've seen that before on my own personal 1982 CT70 I bought new from the dealer in the spring of 1983. I stored it at my mother's country place while I was in college and mice got in and ate a few wires.

Anyway, she was pretty good overall and pretty much all there, but in need of TLC. I stripped the whole thing down and refurbished everything on the way up. The engine had great compression (155psi) and did well on a leakdown test, so I just adjusted the valves and left the "guts" of it alone. It was obvious no one had ever been inside it before, so I decided to leave what Honda had done alone because it was working well. (You can tell when someone's been into one of these motors even if they're very good mechanics. Someone doesn't have to be a lousy wrench to leave signs they've been there. Someone familiar with what these engines are like from the factory can tell).

Anyway, the motor "guts" (crank, piston/rings, cylinder, head/valves, transmission) were clearly in great shape so I left 'em alone. I restored everything else that could have been a wear item (like the points and condenser, points cam felt, clutch plates, centrifugal filter), so the motor's great. Went through everything else and stripped it bare like always, and brought everything back to snuff (and a little better, in some cases!). Of course it got new carb parts, fuel lines, battery, fork seals, new chain and sprockets, brake pads, tires, tubes, air filter, all that stuff. I do that on every bike that gets the full resto treatment.

Not much more to say about it. She turned out really nice, and I sold it to someone locally who just loves it. And I'm always happy to see it putting around with him on it! Makes me happy to know that the owner enjoys it and that the bike's gonna be around another 30 years at least! These bikes are too cool to let them die.