1979 CT90
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Bought this one off Craigslist in a nearby town. I knew for the price something had to be wrong with it but it wasn't any of the typical problems I usually find. Was unable to test ride it because the battery was bad. She started and ran great (the owner had a battery charger we hooked up to it to provide a 6v feed, but obviously couldn't ride it because we were attached to the wall via the battery charger power cord). Brought it home and found it had a shifting problem; fixed that up and that was the only "major" thing that was wrong with it.

It needed all of the other TLC items I always do, like engine valve adjustment, points and timing adjustment, carb rebuild, battery, fork oil change, brakes and wheel bearing inspect, etc. And there were of course a few things that were fairly out of whack, but she was in really really good shape for the most part. Also needed an ignition switch, new speedo cable, new rectifier, new battery cover, new air cleaner foam, and a few other items. Cleaned her up, checked everything stem to stern, then sold her to a guy in a Detroit suburb. He emailed me a few times that he's having a great time with her, riding her to the trails in Hi then snicking her into Lo range for the trail riding.

I still think the CT90 is the single most versatile bike on the planet. It can ride roads at 40-45 mph, but yet can go through some extremely nasty trails in lo range. She won't do anything at a particularly high speed, but she can DO almost anything. I say they're like a mule: if you use them for what they were designed to do and don't try to push them beyond what they're supposed to do, they'll never disappoint you and will always get you through. Still if I had to get rid of all my bikes but one, my yellow '68 CT90K0 would be the one I'd keep. It's small enough, light enough, and versatile enough to ride until the day I die. And I hope I do!