1981 CT110
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I bought this one last spring for a winter project bike in the upcoming year. It was pretty much all there, except for the missing front brake arm and front brake cable. It only ran well enough to ride on full choke, but it DID run well enough with the choke on for me to test ride her and establish there was nothing major wrong with her. Made the young guy an offer, and he took it.

I brought her home and did a quickie carb clean but that didn't do much good. Tried a couple other things that didn't work, so said "heck with it...I'm putting it away in the storage shed until wintertime". Which is what I did. I had intended to take it out in the fall of 2008 after riding season was over and use it as my project bike for the winter, but then a regular customer brought in his CT70 and Z50 for me to work on. During my work on those bikes, the owner of the Cub 50 contacted me about restoring his bike for him, which I did once the CT70 and Z50 were done.

So, the 110 ended up waiting a little longer than I'd expected, but I got her out of the storage shed and brought it into the workshop in February 2009. Did a thorough carb clean on it this time (that fixed it), set the points and timing, installed a new air filter foam element, installed the as-always-missing exhaust baffle, set the valves, replaced the fork seals and oil, fixed up some botched up electrical stuff, lubed the steering stem, checked the brakes and wheel bearings on both ends, fixed a hole in the underside of the exhaust near the rear tip, put on a newer used rear knobby (original was shot), etc. Also the front brake actuator arm down at the wheel and the front brake cable were missing; I put on new ones. Also put on a new front brake light switch, that was broken too. Again nothing really major in any area, but the whole bike needed looking after stem to stern. Oh yeah, one more thing...put a new clutch in 'er. The old one slipped when the bike was good and hot.

She's a very nice survivor bike, with some rust and paint wear, but nothing structural by any means, nor anything unusual for a 27-year-old bike. Currently has 1851 miles on it. She runs nice, shifts beautifully (both the main trans and the 2-speed Lo/Hi box), has great brakes, and is in good condition for regular trail and/or road usage. Basically a nice survivor for someone who doesn't mind that it doesn't look perfect. (Actually I'm having a bit of a hard time letting her go since it IS such a nice runner, but I already have 2 CT90s so I don't need another!). Oh, by the way, it does have the auxiliary fuel can with it and the inside's in good condition. It had some surface rusting on the inside, but I used the Kreem tank liner system on it and it's all good now. There were no leaks at all, the rust wasn't nearly that bad, but I DID put a light coat of the liner on it inside just to protect it from rusting again once I'd used the Kreem chemicals to clean out and stop the rust. 

I only have AFTER pictures for it. Didn't take any "Befores" as it'd look pretty much the same. Of course I've used cleaner wax on the paint and buffed away the surface rust as much as possible on the wheels and luggage rack. The Before photos would look about the same, just dirtier and a little rougher all the way around.

UPDATE: sold to the guy who owns the Cub 50 in April 2009.