1981 CT70
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Bought this one off Craigslist. Was in pretty darn good shape when I got it, and just needed the standard stem-to-stern "once over" on everything to be ready for sale. Oh, sure, it needed some parts replaced and some fixed, but nothing unusual: repair and paint the exhaust where they typically rust through at the clamp, seat was replaced, replace the burned out headlamp, add an airbox and foam element (like I said before, what IS it about CT70 owners that they always pull the airbox off 'em? I just don't get it!!). But she responded well to the adjustments and cleanup, and was ready to go pretty quickly. I decided to do the minimum to her cosmetically in terms of repainting as she was a really nice survivor (meaning in good, still-original condition). Sold her on eBay to a guy in California.

(No Before and After on this one as they're pretty much the same; just After)