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In these photo album pages I'll be displaying Before and After photos of many of the motorcycles I've restored. Click on the links or photos below to go to a page on that particular bike.

NOTE: I do not have any of these bikes for sale. I have one CT90 and one CT70 as my personal bikes, but all the others have either been sold or returned to the customers who brought them to me for work. If you're looking for a similar bike, Craigslist and eBay have oodles of these bikes all the time...keep watching and you'll find a good one!

When I get a dirtbike restoration project, the first thing I do is take LOTS of pictures. I usually start on the left side of the bike and work my way down the side, around the back, up the right side, to the front, and back to where I started. Taking these photos helps both to document the condition of the bike when I received it and also sometimes helps in how parts are reassembled. I also take the same photos after I've restored the bike, as I think it's neat to see the Before and After from the same view.

During the disassembly process I also take lots of pictures, sometimes hundreds of them. These help in showing how various parts are positioned and interrelated, etc. I've become familiar enough with these bikes that most of the time I know what goes where and how everything works together, but occasionally still pulling up a photo can be helpful from time to time. I also provide the customer with a CD of all the photos of the restoration process, and usually with a nice 8x10 of one of the pretty "After" shots for them to frame or show to their buddies or whatever.

So again, on the pages linked below, you'll find some Before and After photos of most of my bike projects. Some of them also have photos taken during the restoration. I've reduced the size and quality of the photos somewhat to save server space, but I think they still look good.

Riding Photos - Some of the bikes below out on real trails

KY 2008 ADV Ride 

1966 S65 Street Bike, red  
1962 Cub C102
1967 CT90K0, red  
1968 CT90K0, red, Attica  
1968 CT90K0, yellow  
1981 CT110, orange
1969 CT70K0, orange  
1970 CT90K3, yellow, DS neighbor  
1971 CT70 88cc, Mark S.  
1972 CT70HK1, blue manual  
1971 SL70 ratbike (unrestored) 
1974 XL70, Dan K. -- No photos. Bike looks just like SL70 above but with orange paint. Needed a carb rebuild and a little TLC.
1977 CR125M Elsinore motocrosser  
1977 CT70K6, orange  
1979 CT70, yellow ADW  
1979 CT90, orange, Phil L  
1981 CT70, red, Felipe  
1982 CT70, red, MFW  
Z50A-K4, orange
1982 CT70, red, ADW